Northern Arena NHL20 Cup Recap

September 20, 2020 11:49 AM
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Northern Arena's NHL20 Cup powered by NHLGamer was our first time sponsoring an official NHL esports event. But it definitely won't be our last.

First off, we'd like to congratulate Entourage (SEA) and G3 Team member Scheckel for earning the Championship and bringing home the $6,000 first place prize! A huge congrats to the Underdogs (NYR) and G3 Prospect Charyzen for their incredible second-place run as well. The third-place series was forfeited by Vertigo, so congrats goes out to G3 Team member Revvy for helping Chilltown (SJS) earn a top three finish.

Before we share a few of our observations on the event as a whole, it's time to officially announce the goalie awards! 

Tournament MVP: Charyzen (NYR)
Save of the Tourney: Scheckel (SEA) and Welshy_16 (CBJ)
Donut King: Welshy_16 (CBJ)
Puck Eaters: LetsGetWeeird (DET)
Sickest Setup: Viktomize (CGY)

We're proud to award Charyzen as the Tournament MVP. Not only did he step in for the Underdogs as a new teammate, but he went undefeated in the regular season (9-0-0) and earned three shutouts along the way. In the semifinals, he allowed just three goals on 37 shots in a clean sweep over Vertigo. We saw him make a number of big stops against Entourage in the Finals, but we want to highlight his resilient effort in Game 2. After an early goal against in Game 1 and the eventual loss, he bounced right back and helped tie up the series before Entourage went on to win in Game 4.

Stick tap to Viktomize for his filthy Calgary Flames setup. This was hands down our favorite out of the few submissions we received. Stick taps to Welshy and LetsGetWeeird as well for their goaltending excellence during the regular season! 

Throughout the tournament, we were extremely impressed by the production quality from Northern Arena, especially during the playoffs. The same goes for all of NHLGamer's hard work behind the scenes to power the tournament. We all know that Kenu is a pioneer in NHL esports, so we're really proud of our partnership and love being able to peer into their war room during events to learn more about the production and hosting process.

We also greatly appreciated the broadcasting efforts of NoSleeves and Nicco Cardarelli, two individuals that have a visible passion for calling games. They're relatable and entertaining, so it's clear they bring the Chel community together in a positive way. The additions of Tougie, Crackshot and Jeff Eisenband as an "in-studio" panel added tons of depth and insight to the tourney matchups. Jeff's interviews with some of the top players were great additions to the broadcasts as well. They not only highlighted personalities, but also taught fans about the innerworkings of player development and team chemistry.

The way the entire production crew (from Carl and Kenu to everyone else) handled the sudden forfeit by Vertigo was a sign of ultimate professionalism as well. Being able to shift "on the fly" like that proves everyone was committed to make this event happen as smoothly as possible. So much communication and organizing is needed to pull these events off -- a lot more than we initially realized.

From the G3 side of things, it's always our goal to watch and participate in as many tournament live streams as possible. That allows us to not only evaluate talent and do some scouting, but to clip big saves and share them in the chat room. Doing this is an important part of promoting the goaltending position in NHL esports. We started clipping saves of NHL and NCAA goalies and posting them on social media almost a decade ago, so we want to bring the same value to the gaming community as well.

Luckily, we were able to post a ton of clips during the Finals series between Entourage and the Underdogs, including Scheckel's diving blocker save that we ultimately selected as one of two "Save of the Tournament" awards.

Overall, we couldn't be happier with the experience we had as one of the tournament's official sponsors. Northern Arena and NHLGamer showcased top playing talent, top broadcasting talent, top production talent, and helped NHL esports take a huge step forward. It was also really exciting to be involved in an esports event with five NHL organizations, especially at the end of the summer season. While of course we appreciate the 1v1 events, we're clearly here to continue pushing 6's as the future of NHL esports due to the teamwork, communication, and goaltending needed to have success.

While we eagerly await the launch of NHL21 and the next big 6's event, our goal is to continue rolling out Monthly Challenges. In October, our focus will be on the October Saves Goalie Challenge, a charity event that we have sponsored since its inception five years ago. It's a massive fundraiser for cancer-related charities in North America, and this year we have a chance to activate virtual and egoalies as well. So our lone Monthly Challenge in October will revolve around this event as we work together as a group to raise funds and awareness for cancer-fighting organizations.

On behalf of G3, we'd like to express our sincere thanks to EVERYONE involved in the Northern Arena NHL20 Cup - we can't wait for the next one!

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