NHL Goalie Depth Charts

July 28, 2020 1:29 AM
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The original concept of our NHL Goalie Depth Charts project, which first launched back in September of 2010, was quite simple: To build a list of every NHL team's goalies in order to study development trends and patterns.

Born out of sheer necessity, these depth charts provided us with a more comprehensive way to better understand the culture of pro goalie scouting and development. We've tinkered with the design and format over the years, but up until now, the charts had been limited to text-based lists through PDF's, tables, and spreadsheets.

But during one of the group discussions at our 2019 Global Goaltending Retreat in Colorado, we asked all of the coaches to consider an important question:

How can we make these charts just 1% better?

Instead of merely listing a goalie's name and their birthdates, what if we could create an interactive tool that puts the viewer in control of what they see and how it appears on a screen? And what if we could use that new tool to improve the way that goalie-specific data is being tracked? Could this lead us to make even more informed and intuitive training and workload decisions with our goaltenders?

Enter the platform known as KUMU.

KUMU is this elegant tool that rests before you. It not only displays information in a visually appealing way, it gives you a new way to learn about pro goalie development. Seeing everyone in open space on an interactive "idea board" is the perfect platform for two of our pillars to thrive: Creativity and Innovation. At the same time, we believe that KUMU makes the learning more impactful.

From on-the-fly goalie discussions to more robust fantasy hockey research, we hope you find our new charts useful. As always, if you see any errors or have an idea for a new element or connection, drop us a line.

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