NHL Esports Chat

July 26, 2020 12:05 AM
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A few days after the NHL's regular season was iced due to the Coronavirus outbreak, G3 jumped on Twitch to host an NHL esports chat. In this stream, Goldy, Scheckel, and Revvy talk about the Caps Gaming Showcase and the recent swell of new esports clubs and events being created by NHL organizations.

We've hosted a few of these NHL esports chats prior to the launch of the website, so we wanted to post it here and continue sharing some of G3's unique features and content. Here are some of the main highlights and topics:

2:15 - Scheckel's experience at the Caps Gaming Finals

7:00 - Revvy's experience at Caps Gaming and his NACL team

9:30 - Scheckel's thoughts on the growth of NHL esports

16:00 - NHL teams engaging with top NHL esports players

19:30 - Is there any toxicity in the NHL esports community?

22:30 - NHL esports in Europe and our partnership with NHLGamer

26:00 - Getting NHL teams to sponsor a top 6's team

It's been way too long without legit NHL action, but now that Phase 4 and the Qualifier round begins in exactly a week, look for more G3 streams and esports discussions on our Twitch channel!

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