G3 Prospects: November Challenge

October 30, 2020 6:12 PM
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Before we share the details for November's challenge, we first want to thank everyone for supporting the October Saves Goalie Challenge. We raised just over $1,250 for this year's charity event, our highest total since it started back in 2016.

For the month of November, we're excited to launch the Design A Drill challenge. Please view the walkthrough video (also on YouTube) before proceeding.


Using the EASHL Practice Mode in NHL 21, your task is to run and record a goalie drill that you design. We're in the process of building a free library of user-submitted goalie drills for the CHEL community, so we're rewarding G3 Prospects for contributing! In fact, the $250 grand prize is the largest sponsorship offered so far in Season 1. We even have some new sponsors involved for the runner-up prizes as well: Vintage Goalie, Ice Hockey Systems, and Dave Stathos Goaltending.


In order to participate in this challenge, you'll need to use the EASHL Practice Mode in order to run and record your goalie drill. But in order to use the EASHL Practice Mode, you'll first need to join an EASHL club (or create your own). To make that part easier, we've already created a public Goalie Guild EASHL club for both Xbox and PS platforms.

Using the details below, search for our public EASHL club and join us at any time. This will allow you to set up a public or private practice session and run your goalie drills.

Once you've joined an EASHL club, you'll need to go into a 3v3 or 6v6 game and set up a practice session. Those steps are included in the walkthrough video posted above and on YouTube.

If you need additional support getting into the EASHL Practice Mode, just ask anyone from the G3 Club on Discord. We're all happy to help you get dialed in and set up.


Final submitted videos must be less than 1:30 in length (90 seconds). No profanity or poached music. Videos can include motion graphics, captions, or VO's that clearly explain your goalie drill. A drill breakdown must be included in the video. This means that we won't accept raw footage of a practice session. Be creative and have fun! Examples of some good goalie drills can be found on IceHockeySystems and YouTube, or you can find a PDF of goalie drills posted on our Discord server.

The $250 sponsorship for First Place is subject to being split if Goalie Guild Gaming determines and announces co-winners. Multiple runners-up awards may be given depending on the quality of the submissions. Additional prizes may be added during the month as well.

If you have specific questions about a type of drill or what elements you can or cannot include in your final video, just reach out to us at any time.

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